Brief History of Salem Witch Trial(1692-1693)

The Salem Witch Trial took place in America in 17th century between 1692 and 1693. During this period of time 200 people were accused of practicing witchcraft and black magic and 20 people were killed. After many years, when people realized that the trial was caused due to misunderstanding, the families of the victims were redressed. Since then, the Salem Witch Trial has become an equivalent word for injustice through the whole world for many years.

Several years ago, Christians had a strong belief over God as well as the existence of Devil; they believed God and praised Him. Those people use to believe that the Devil could empower certain people to assign them to harm others and they called them “Witch”. Many innocent people mostly women were executed for being a witch. France and England has started war during 1689 in American colonies. This war affected some regions of America, so they started sending refugees to Salem village. Displacement aggravated existing rivalry among people and their families. Reverend Samuel Parris, who was the minister of Salem in 1689, who was disliked by the people due to his rigid and cold nature.

In January 1692, Parris’s daughter Betty, his niece Abigail Williams and their friends started behaving very strangely. They start uttering unusual things, scream, started seeing peculiar things etc. Doctors tried hard to cure them but they failed, so people started talking about witchcraft and supernatural powers. Girls blamed three women for afflicting them: Tituba, Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne. After that the process of accusation starts, one after another many people came under suspicion and were accused to be the servant of Devil.  Martha Corey, a loyal member of the Salem church was also accused and finally Bridget Bishop, an elderly woman was the first to be hanged because she refused to accept that she is a witch and was accused.

When Governor Phipps’s wife came under the accusation he announces to stop arresting people and released many accused witches and resolved the court. Phipps decided to forgive the entire accused persons in the jail and send them home, but it was too late because till he realized the truth of witchcraft19 people were already hanged, one was pressed to death by heavy stones and remaining 200 had suffered a lot inside the jail. After everything was cleared Judge Samuel Sewall, publicly confessed his guilt following trials and executions.

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14 Responses to Brief History of Salem Witch Trial(1692-1693)

  1. vazbandara77 says:

    Very nice summary rojee. You have pointed out all the main points. If you could mention about Abigail’s behavior little bit, I think it will be good. You tried hard to summarize the entire story. I think if someone read this article for the first time without having idea about Salem Witch Trials, they can easily get a good idea about the event.

  2. kalpu1 says:

    As we are reading the true story in the form of play, you did a good job Rojee 🙂 When Phipp’s wife came under accusation, he announces to stop the accusation. The last paragraph of your writing give us the real understanding of how the power and hierarchy was ruling over the innocent and poor people.

  3. leduong18 says:

    I am grateful for your having given more details about the infamous incident…:) i cannot believe that the story ended up when a wife of a judge was accused. It somehow makes me indignant because only when upper-class people were blamed, they started thinking about the ending of the proceedings of accusation. It means that the reputation of a judge’s wife is worthy and needs to take consideration more than the previous deaths of many lower-class people.

  4. dechen55 says:

    You got a good summary Rojee. Going through your summary, I got extra information of the play and also some vague parts are cleared. You have included everything and this will be good aguidence to others who didnt understand the play clearly. Thank you for sharing!

  5. The history of Salem is very miserable real event. The death of Martha Corey, Bridget Bishop, and many other guiltless people is very sadness. This journal is very clear and it helps me to understand the play “The Crucible” more easily. Thanks Rojee for sharing your informative journal.

  6. rojee001 says:

    Thank for your comment Asfia. I’m happy to know that my journal helped you to understand the story more clearly. I agree with you, it was really one of the miserable incident that have ever happened in reality.

  7. khadiza10 says:

    It’s a very good summary Rozee. Your summary is showing the terrible misunderstanding of Salem people. From your summary we can learn one thing that, before judging anyone we should analyze the proof correctly

  8. jeena333 says:

    Rojee, thanks for giving the summary of the actual history of witchcraft in Salem. It is really a matter of grief that the situation occured there because of some misunderstandings. Without investigating the truth they beleived in false information of others. As a result, that caused harm to many people.

  9. a black guy says:


  10. Layne Allen Irvin from Drexel, Mssouri says:

    Wow, I wouldn’t have said it any better, myself. Absolutely terrific!

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