Golden Cup: The Legacy; Bhutanese film

I watched this movie two years ago where the script of the movie was adapted from a book called Talisman of Good Fortune and Short Stories of Bhutan. It’s about a particular curse handed down through generations of one family by an ancient Golden Cup. I wanted to share the story because there are some similarities between the play and the movie. In the play, people were accused of being witchcraft, but in the movie it’s about the curse, and the evil power one inherited from generations from the family and finds a way to stop it. This is the kind of folktale that people tell their children in the villages, but not many people knew the true origins of the story.

             Golden Cup: The Legacy is about a girl betrayed by her lover, but the small girl was innocent about it. Pregnant and heartbroken, she was consoled by her mother and grandmother who revealed to her the curse their family has been living through. Her mother said, their great, great-grandmother was given the Golden Cup, a sign of good fortune that when neglected will release an unimaginable curse, by her lover as a token of his immense love for her on his last dead bed. Years later, their daughter accidentally took away some amount of coins from the Cup and passed it over to someone in exchange of something. People in the village complained of their child’s sickness, failing of the crops, animal’s death without any reasons, and crisis in the villages. People learned about the Cup and the family was blamed for everything.

From then, it’s believed that the curse is released because the Cup was being neglected and then it gets passed down to all the women in their family generations later. Her grandmother tried to throw the cup in the river, but it didn’t get washed by the river. She put it into the fire, but it didn’t get burnt. It hunted the house, and everyone feared walking nearby their house. No one dared to eat anything from their home because everything they give turned to poison and killed people. The family also devoted their life to evil doings and evil powers. They looked for possible ways to harm people because if they stop doing, there are chances that the evil will take turn on them.

Now the family curse got passed down to the small girl that made her boyfriend betrayed her. However, her life seemed empty and wasted with that bad curse. Finally, she took decision that will bring end to everything. When her mother and grandmother were deep into sleep, she put on the house on fire along with herself and her baby in her womb. She doesn’t want it to pass to her generations and then she broke the curse forever with the fire.

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3 Responses to Golden Cup: The Legacy; Bhutanese film

  1. rojee001 says:

    Oh ! Dechen it’s a very sad story 😦 poor girl i feel pity for her. Society forced her take the decision of death. To burn herself and her own family members its really hard decision to take. Nice comparision with the play “The Crucible”. 🙂

  2. vazbandara77 says:

    The invisible power always makes us curious. However, you have compared The Crucible and your story well. Sometimes I really feel how unlucky we are to hear such stories. Everyone must be more responsible when they protest others. Is it Dechen?

  3. kalpu1 says:

    What a tragic end Dechen, but good job 🙂 although it is a movie, this movie depicts some real aspects of our own society dear. Because of intolerable accussation, she was forced for her immature death. Why she thought to end herself and her baby as well? Isn’t it because of all the blame that she got from society. Golden cup has become a tool for death, isn’t it?

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